May 9, 2009

Why Spain was picked to break European lottery's record, 126m euros jackpot (Euromillions v El Gordo)

El Gordo, the world's largest lottery, is drawn at Christmas in Spain.
It is also the only major lottery in Illuminatiziland where the probability of winning the jackpot is not 0.
Now in the last stage of illuminati overtime, as the last illuminati financial reserves near 0, every cent counts.

Replace the children (see photo) drawing the "El Gordo" balls in front of hundreds of players with the "ticket" the illuminati use to win each Megamillions and Euromillions jackpot ever since the very first drawing?
No, that would be too suspicious, the tradition of using children from the same school is 200 years old.

So the illuminati have to resort to good old market share increase techniques, even if "El Gordo" is only a yearly lottery.

Sep 26, 2016 - Will the lottery that really holds the title of the biggest jackpot will still be drawn for the 204th time? The KEY to the answer is what's going on in Aleppo.
Reminder of Last Prophet's words from Dec 18, 2012, the day that the KEY number to El Gordo's exception becomes 200:
German beer and Spain's El Gordo lottery exceptions: same KEY: exactly the same procedure

Each cent in revenue from taxes on each cigarette sold as much as each cent in losses for barrel of oil offered below production costs.
Illuminati overtime - paradoxes - how the jackpot money is used to OFFER oil for free...

Only one and the same "ticket" used by the illuminati to win the jackpot each time:

Photo of children drawing "El Gordo"

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