February 13, 2008

Illuminati miracles - Know more about YOUR religion

Illuminati miracles
1. Classic miracles: actors tell that they had an experience or a vision (packaged as science) which contradicts what the audience can experience.
The audience should therefore believe them rather than their own eyes. 

2. Digital miracles: audience perceives as reality what is partly or totally created by computers. Paradoxically it's apparently  the reversed process of destroying logical reasoning with classical miracles: make believe that what you see with your own eyes (generated by a computer simulation) is indeed real.

1. Give credibility to the religions and religious sects created by the iluminati for the human cattle.
In other words: to make believers accept that what you get is not what you see.
Reminder: stellar parallax, the first illuminati miracle, was created to prove heliocentrism, the first major sect for the global audience created by the illuminati.

2. Destroy logical reasoning. 
Same as for any fake miracle, each time the believer's capacity of logical reasoning is additionally reduced.
This is an implied benefit for a key "mind control" illuminati agenda, advanced not only with illuminati miracles but with other types of psy-ops.

3. Mock the human cattle. 
Now served ad nauseum at the end of the show, to an audience reduced to beasts and refusing to accept the termination of simulated reality, alias the world as they knew it.

Classic Illuminati miracles: from stellar parallax to using GPS to measure how continents move
Ever since illuminati turned heliocentrism into a religious sect, they have to stage "miracles" to continue to make believers accept that what you get is not what you see.
The "discovery" of "stellar parallax" was the first of these "miracles".
The bigger the lie the easier it is to expose it, or in other words, the more "miracles" the illuminati need to create to cover-up the lies.
No wonder that no other lie originated so many "miracles" as "Evolution Theory", the most important religion later created by the illuminati, and its dedicated religious sects (continental drift, hot spots theory, ice age theory, plate tectonics, asteroid impacts, etc).
"Miracles" range 
- from the "discoveries" of "missing link fossils" and "Mid-Atlantic Ridge, world's largest mountain range" ...
- to "measuring how the Himalayas are rising" to now using GPS to " measure how continents move". 
Note: although GPS is computer based this is not a digital but still a classic type of miracle.

Mind control techniques: Psy-ops to Destroy logical reasoning: Heliocentrism to fake germanwings crash

Why did illuminati create Heliocentrism and the "miracle" of Stellar Parallax - start here:

Digital miracles paradox: logical reasoning destroyed by an apparently reversed approach of classical miracles.

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